The Montreal Titans Baseball Club

"Sharing a passion for the game"

The Montreal Titans Baseball Club is committed to supporting the growth and development of amateur baseball in the province of Quebec. This non-profit organization provides young men, aged 10 to 19, with the opportunity to mature and to aspire to higher levels of competitive baseball. Through personalized programs, it is the goal of the club to ensure that each of its players attains the highest standard of achievement in baseball. 

It is also the commitment of the Titans coaching staff to help its dedicated young athletes understand that it takes more than physical tools to be a great baseball player. "Bigger is not always better." Every player must understand the game and his role on the team, while top players must master baseball fundamentals in order to advance to the next level. The passion of the athletes in the Titans organization provides them with the incentive to attain their maximum potential.

Each season, the Montreal Titans Baseball Club will participate in several major showcase tournaments both in Canada and the United States in order to help raise the profile of its young athletes. These tournaments are well attended by many college, university and pro scouts. By providing such exposure, the Titans club attempts to place its players in American universities and colleges, so that they may further their baseball and academic goals.

It is the belief of this baseball club that amateur athletics contribute greatly to the physical, mental and spiritual development of all those who choose to participate. A great athlete should be a great student. The Titans baseball players are great student-athletes.

Ian Jordan

Manager and Head Coach of the Montreal Titans Baseball Club